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Globalists' Polycrisis Of Doom Is Of Their Own Making


The world is apparently descending into chaos. With events such as the recent collapse of SVB bank adding to the problems allegedly caused by the pseudopandemic and the war in Ukraine, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Only a few years ago it was widely recognised that, by nearly every measure, global life outcomes were all improving. Suddenly, we're all haunted by the spectres of conquest, war, famine and death.

From the cost of living, energy and food crisis, to the threat of a widening international conflict, a climate disaster and now global financial collapse, we seem to be gripped by a global polycrisis. If there is a polycrisis it is entirely man-made.

The good news is we can build something better if we have the will. We are many and we are powerful, while those who seek to exploit crisis to control us are neither.

We just need to understand the problem: our trust in authority.

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