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US Rebuilding Nuclear Fuel and Uranium Enrichment Production

• by Brian Wang

[Statement source: figures by Centrus and U.S. Energy Information Administration. However, Urenco has US enrichment capacity since 2010. The only current uranium enrichment capability in the United States is in Urenco's New Mexico plant, with a capacity of some 4.7 million SWU/yr in 2020 (per World Nuclear Association). The Department of Energy (DOE) projects the U.S. market alone will need more than 40 metric tons of HALEU (high-assay low-enriched uranium), for the new generation of reactors by the end of the decade.

NOTE: There was a commenter who rudely asserted that Urenco is supplying low-enriched uranium in the United States. UUSA (Urenco USA) was the first new nuclear project in the U.S. in almost 30 years. They invested around $5 billion their facility, which was one of the largest construction projects in the state of New Mexico. The site began producing enriched uranium in June 2010 and the first customer delivery was completed in March 2012.