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IPFS News Link • Drug War


• By Jordan Conradson

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has left the border wide open to criminal drug traffickers and illegal immigrants since taking office.

According to a new report from the Arizona District Attorney's office, Mexican resident Juan Alfonso Torres-Rodriguez was charged on March 8 with possessing more than one million pills (approximately 108 kilograms of pills) suspected of containing fentanyl with intent to distribute across the state.

Last weekend, roughly 2.5 million fentanyl pills, likely enough to kill over one million people, were also seized by Arizona Border Patrol agents at the Nogales Port of Entry alone.

Kari Lake, the duly elected Governor of Arizona, had a serious plan to secure the border, but her election was rigged and stolen by Katie Hobbs. Lake's plan includes issuing a declaration of invasion under the 10th Amendment, finishing President Trump's wall, and deploying the Arizona National Guard and State Troopers to take back operational control of the border starting on "day one."

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling, sending Kari Lake's election lawsuit back to the trial court on the count alleging fraudulent mail-in ballot signatures.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson, who erroneously dismissed the lawsuit, issued a new order yesterday, setting the schedule for review of Maricopa County's failure to verify mail-in ballot signatures in the 2022 election.