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EXCLUSIVE: Micki Witthoeft Met with Speaker McCarthy on Thursday for the First...

•, By Jim Hoft

On Thursday morning Micki Witthoeft called The Gateway Pundit to tell us she was meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy later in the day. Micki has been in Washington DC for months now. She spends her days speaking out for the hundreds of January 6th political prisoners. Every night Micki Witthoeft and several other patriots stand outside the DC Gulag and sing the National Anthem for the political prisoners held inside and pray for the country.

We published a report earlier this morning on Micki's meeting with Speaker McCarthy from the liberal media.

On Thursday night Micki called The Gateway Pundit and told us how things went with Speaker McCarthy.

Micki said Speaker McCarthy met her at the door and she appreciated that. He walked her into his office and when they sat down Micki told us she immediately confronted Speaker McCarthy about his previous statement that Lt. Mike Byrd, the man who shot her unarmed daughter at point blank without warning, was "just doing his job." Speaker McCarthy said he hadn't seen the video and he promised her he would watch it later. Micki told him the video will make him cry. She added this about the conversation, "I actually found it endearing that he told the truth and admitted that he had not seen the video. I thought that that took a certain amount of courage to admit that to me. I felt that to be a huge step forward when he actually said, "No, I haven't.""

Micki repeated to us that she thought Speaker Kevin McCarthy was a gracious host, that the Speaker gave her his full attention, that he really seemed to listen and "be present" with her. Micki repeated, "I would just like to stick with my perception that he was a gracious host and I felt like he was present at the moment… I don't want to isolate him."

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