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US Officials Really, REALLY Want You To Know The US Is The World's "Leader"

• By: Caitlin Johnstone

In response to questions he received during a press conference on Monday about Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin cementing a "new era" in strategic partnership between China and Russia, the White House National Security Council's John Kirby made no fewer than seven assertions that the US is the "leader" of the world.

Here are excerpts from his comments:

"The two countries have grown closer. But they are both countries that chafe and bristle at U.S. leadership around the world."

"And in China's case in particular, they certainly would like to challenge U.S. leadership around the world."

"But these are not two countries that have, you know, decades-long experience working together and full trust and confidence. It's a burgeoning of late based on America's increasing leadership around the world and trying to check that."

"Peter, these are two countries that have long chafed, as I said to Jeff — long chafed at U.S. leadership around the world and the network of alliances and partnerships that we have."

"And we work on those relationships one at a time, because every country on the continent is different, has different needs and different expectations of American leadership."

"That's the power of American convening leadership. And you don't see that power out of either Russia or China."