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New Study Reveals Higher Risk of New-Onset Chronic Kidney Diseases Among...

•, By B.N. Frank

Did you know that manufacturers are required to provide warnings about radiation exposure risks associated with cell phones and other wireless devices? In fact, decades of research has already revealed that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from cell phones and other wireless sources is biologically harmful.  While some government agencies have been warning citizens about cell phone radiation exposure risks, others have not.  Meanwhile, new research continues to be published confirming health risks from cell phone radiation exposure (see 123) including this paper.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Mobile Phone Use Associated With New-Onset Chronic Kidney Diseases

Mobile Phone Use, Genetic Susceptibility and New-Onset Chronic Kidney Diseases published in the International Journal of Public Health  found mobile phone use significantly associated with a higher risk of new-onset new-Onset chronic kidney diseases (CKD) especially in those with longer weekly usage time of mobile phones making or receiving calls (Zhang et al 2023).

Excerpts from the paper

In recent years, one phenomenon worthy of our attention is the sharp increase in the number of mobile phone users around the world, with an estimated 8.2 billion subscriptions worldwide in 2020 (3). This raises the question of whether it is completely safe to make and receive calls on mobile phones, and whether there may be possible adverse health effects, especially among heavy mobile phone users. In fact, a high frequency of mobile phone use had been reported to be associated with depression symptoms, stress and sleep disturbances (46), all of which were related to a higher risk of CKD (78). Moreover, a number of studies in animal or human cells had suggested that chronic exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) radiation emitted by mobile phones may increase oxidative stress, inflammatory responses and DNA damage (910), and thus contribute to the pathogenesis of CKD (1114). 

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