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Mary Eberstadt | The Sexual Revolution Was a Mistake

•, John Anderson

Eberstadt argues that the sexual revolution has wrought great harm upon Western families, and despite lofty ideals of empowered individuals seeking, and finding, long-lasting pleasure, it has in fact resulted in atomisation, loneliness and deep misery & disconnection for many people, especially women and children.

Mary Eberstadt holds the Panula Chair at the Catholic Information Center and is a senior fellow with the Faith and Reason Institute. She is the author of several books, including Primal Screams and How the West Really Lost God, and has written widely for newspapers, magazines, and journals. 
A frequent contributor to magazines and journals including TIME, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, and First Things, Eberstadt has also served as an editor at The Public Interest, The National Interest, and Policy Review. During the Reagan administration, Mrs. Eberstadt spent two years as a speechwriter to Secretary of State George Shultz. In summer 1981, she became the first female voting member of the student body at formerly all-male Deep Springs College.

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