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Is Lust Adultery? | Biblical Series: Exodus

•, Jordan B Peterson

Jordan and the Exodus Seminar group discuss God's request for loyalty, the ruling against idolatry and misuse of what is holy, and the need to leave a single day for rest (an idea duplicated among the ancient Israelites over time frames of multiple years and decades). 

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Comment by PureTrust
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Lust is adultery because Jesus said it. Jesus was showing how deeply and intimately we are related to God, "You are gods, to whom the Word of God comes." The question is in the definition of the word "lust." Lust: "Intense sexual desire; An overwhelming desire or craving; Intense eagerness or enthusiasm." Looking at a person of the opposite sex, and becoming aroused (recognizing the artistry of that person), is not lust. Rather, it's natural ways we are built physically and mentally. Just because a person is aroused, does that mean that he/she has an intense desire to somehow 'have' that other person? If you you are intensely wanting to 'have' that other person, 'yes', then you are lusting. But if it's only natural, physical, artistic-like, built-in arousal, 'no'. BUT, "Lead us not into temptation."

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