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How Much Do You Know about Health Risks from Electrically Powered Frequency Medicine Devices?

• by B.N. Frank

Electrosmog includes wireless radiation and 5G emitted from cell phones, activity trackers and other wireless wearables (see 12).  Nevertheless, activity trackers and other wearable devices are sometimes being prescribed and/or recommended for medical purposes.  Additionally, frequency medicine devices are being prescribed and/or recommended.

Thanks to Alliance for Natural Health International for providing more information about risks associated with them.

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Content Sections

? Diversity rules

? What we're not talking much about

? A question of quality and quantity

? Units for measuring EMF radiation

? So who's your best friend?

? Demystifying frequency devices 

? Entering the lion's den

? The consequences of poor industry self-regulation aren't good for natural health

? How do frequency-based devices work?

? Clean or dirty signals?

? Do frequency medicine devices work?

? Conclusions

? Our appeal

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