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New Study: Cancer Rates Have Increased in Parts of Brain Most Exposed to Cell Phone Radiation

• By B.N. Frank

 In fact, some government agencies warn the public about cell phone radiation exposure health risks!  Of course, health risks include more than getting cancer; however, if you're especially interested in research linking it to cancer, another study recently revealed more reasons to reduce your exposure to cell phones.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Korea Study: Rates For Cancer Has Increased in Areas Exposed to Cell Phone Radiation

Reports from South Korea—the nation that first adopted widespread use of cell phones – are showing the first signs of what some fear may become a global epidemic.  While the overall rate of brain cancer has declined,  rates for highly malignant forms ( glioblastoma) and some benign brain cancers have increased in those parts of the brain most exposed to cell phone radiation.

The relationship between radiofrequency-electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and brain tumor: The brain tumor incidence trends in South Korea

Jinyoung Moon, Physician's Weekly, Mar 13, 2023

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Maybe this is why the covid vaccines are made to pass the blood-brain barrier. So brain cancer can be cured by something a whole lot worse.

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