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Guest: Cody Wilson - 3D Guns and Empowering the Masses by Making Gun Control Obsolete

• Spotify - The Free Thought Project Podcast

Cody Wilson is the founder of the Austin-based Defense Distributed — the first private defense contractor in service of the general public. Since 2012's Wiki Weapon project, pioneered by Wilson, Defense Distributed has defined the state of the art in small scale, digital, personal gunsmithing technology. In the years since it began the project has evolved from rudimentary single shot pistols in to full-scale at-home weapons creation with unlimited options. Now, potential customers no longer need to order metal parts online to complete their weapons and instead can build from scratch right in their own home. Predictably, the nature of Wilson's activism and enterprise has put a target on his back yet he has consistently persevered, winning a landmark First Amendment case to keep 3D-printed gun plans online — despite Obama, Trump, and Biden all fighting against him. In this podcast, Matt and Jason discuss with Wilson how distributing the means of self-defense can level the playing field between tyrants and their subjects and how a well armed society is a more peaceful society. We talk about the current attacks on your right to self-defense and how we can not only fight them but circumvent them altogether. This is a must listen show. (Length: 1:08:29)