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EXCLUSIVE: Welcome to Snailbrook! First look at Elon Musk's Texas utopian town...

•, By JEN SMITH can share the first glimpse of Snailbrook, the Texas utopia that Elon Musk is creating for his SpaceX and Boring employees. 

The town is taking shape on the outskirts of Austin, where Musk is also building factories for SpaceX and Boring, after pulling out of California

Photos obtained by show a completed sports court, and outdoor gym.

There are small houses where staff from the companies will be able to live for $800-a-month - well below the soaring local market rates. 

It was revealed last week that top brass at Boring Co., Musk's tunneling operation, had discussed how to incorporate their own town in Bastrop County. 

Not only could Musk provide cheap housing for his employees, but it would allow the magnate to set regulations and help grease the wheels for his ambitious building projects.

His Austin area employees, which include staff at Boring, electric-car maker Tesla and his space exploration firm, SpaceX, would ideally all live in the brand new homes nestled in thousands of acres of farmland beside the Colorado River.

Musk, his ex-girlfriend Grimes, Kanye West and the rapper's architect held multiple discussions over the last year about the design of the town, sources told The Wall Street Journal.