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Biden's Blatant Disregard For American Lives Showcased In His $6.8 Trillion...

•, By Susan Duclos

We are seeing many claims about Joe Biden's proposed budget for the fiscal year of 2024, with the predictable actors offering up what "they" want you, the American public to know. 

What we aren't seeing in these reports is an actual link to the budget proposal, which is unlikely to be passed with Republicans in control of the House of Representative who hold the purse strings, so that Americans can read the entire proposal for themselves and make their own determinations.

Make no mistake, we see no issue with highlighting the benefits (liberal MSM) or the most egregious parts (conservative MSM) of what is in the proposed budget for 2024, we will do the same thing here in a manner, but readers/viewers should always be given the opportunity to see everything for themselves and make their own judgement on what they find to be a benefit or detriment.

With that said, the 184 page PDF of this linked document, will also be embedded at the bottom of this article to be read in full by those that wish to.


The Daily Mail published some interesting facts about specific references in the proposed budget, which I have done a search in the original document and confirmed, showing how the Biden regime is more concerned with "transgender," "queer" and "equity" issues than they do for American lives.

Here is the headline from the Daily Mail article: "Priorities, Joe? President's new budget mentions 'equity' 63 times, 'transgender' eight times and 'queer' seven times - but 'fentanyl' is only used twice, while word 'opioid' appears just four times."

Since we are already at the Daily Mail, one more piece highlights that Biden's budget "would provide $7.3 billion to deal with refugees crossing the border - but only allocates enough for 350 extra border guards and $40 million to combat fentanyl trafficking."