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Are You Being Frightened Not to Travel?


The headline triggers every nightmare scenario. It was further covered by all mainstream news, with the conclusion: "Shootouts in Matamoros were so bad on Friday that the U.S. Consulate issued an alert about the danger and the local authorities warned people to shelter in place."

The State Department joined in, issuing a travel advisory. This is the fourth warning issued about Mexico just this year. 

Getting the message yet? Don't go there! Certainly don't go there to get medicines you can only get by prescription in the US. Don't bypass the US medical system. In fact, just forget about Mexico entirely. It's a cesspool of treachery and bloodshed! 

It's all very interesting especially when you consider that many American cities have never been more dangerous. Atlanta alone has seen more than two dozen murders this year, and Chicago and New York haven't been this dangerous in decades. If the US were the subject of a travel advisory, at this point it would be at the top of the list. 

The thing about Mexico is that it was open during the pandemic lockdowns so that it was one of the few places Americans could go. Once they got there, many found that they loved it because it is beautiful, generally safe in cities and much more so than US cities, and the dollar goes extremely far, in addition to having a more accessible medical system, a rich culture, fresh food, an excellent night life, and so on.