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Biden Admin Calls for Digital ID Infrastructure to Produce a 'Digital Economy' --


The White House has presented its National Security Strategy that, among other points, calls for investing in digital IDs.

The Biden administration, however, is short on detail regarding this issue and privacy implications, while mentioning the term biometrics only once.

"Strategic Objective 4.5" is a 4-paragraph section in the 35-page document that speaks about supporting development of a digital identity "ecosystem."

We obtained a copy of the document for you here.

The administration calls for improved digital identity infrastructure that would produce "a more innovative, equitable, safe and efficient digital economy."

Like all other justifications for the push to adopt digital IDs, this one mentions conveniences and "secure" access to government services and benefits, "trusted" communication, as well as social networks, and improved payment systems.

To get there from here, the document calls for the digital ecosystem in question to undergo "fundamental changes," and wants to bring in the private sector – both through "close cooperation" and public-private undertakings.