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The Troubling Future Of The Green Electric Revolution


The moment humankind harnessed electricity was a milestone and the world would never be the same. Defined as the modern era of western civilisation. Technology is developed to fulfil the challenge before us, and to solve the task at hand. We do this by applying our problem-solving mind and ingenuity to drive innovation. But when it comes to the green energy revolution, have our policy makers really thought the problem through?

Think about it. Returning home from a gruelling day to conduct the simple act of flipping on the wall switch, giving us light and security. Powering up the computer or flicking on the television seems so trivial. Lest we forget the vast infrastructure behind the pressing of the switch.

The expectation of the power always being present, available and ready to use. Some would claim that the reliance on technology, the access to electricity is a human right. Increasingly more and more crucial services exist not as a physical space to walk into and interact with an individual, only as an online portal. For those businesses and services. It makes sense. They've no shelves to occupy, no ground rents to pay, records are held on web servers half a world away, allegedly always accessible. We have committed essential content to exist only in the virtual space. The world has moved to the web. Looking for a job? You have to fill in the online form. Government services all online. As so much of our lives is now centred around access to the internet. The punchline is intentional, there are massive power plays at work behind the scenes.