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Report: Alexander Vindman Sought Millions Of Dollars To Act As Middleman Sending NATO...

•, by Kelen McBreen

Vindman is the CEO of a company called, Trident Support, which has been reaching out to the Ukrainian government for a contract in exchange for assisting with the "readiness, repair, and maintenance" of weapons being delivered to the warring nation.

Human Events writes, "Vindman proposed that for $12 million in initial funding, his company Trident Support would bring support closer to the front lines by providing a logistical midpoint from which equipment could be distributed."

Basically, the retired United States Army lieutenant colonel would charge a massive fee to teach the Ukrainians how to use and fix the NATO equipment.

It's also worth noting Vindman's twin brother Yevgeny, who is an Army colonel and was a deputy legal advisor for the U.S. National Security Council (NSC) under Biden, is the president of Trident Support.