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Genocide Expert Warns Forced Vaxxes And Lockdowns May Be Only Months Away...

•, By Dr. Joseph Sansone

Last week I presented our Ban the Jab resolution to the Lee County Florida Republican Party and it passed with 80-90% of the vote. Although, the Lee County GOP has thus far been unable to issue a press release because the wire services are claiming it goes against CDC standards and it incites fear. That's right, after three years of media hysterics and fear mongering, a press release exposing the C19 injections as bioweapons is inciting fear. 

This issue is so popular that it has already started trickling out to become national news without a press release. Last Thursday I was interviewed on Stew Peters, and then Friday, Dr. Francis Boyle was on Stew Peters speaking about the bioweapon (seen in the only video at the bottom of this story.) 

Dr. Francis Boyle was the author of the 1989 Bioweapons and Antiterrorism Act, and is one of the world's most credible authorities on this topic. Dr. Boyle is clear that the C19 injections meet the legal definition of a biological weapon according to the 1989 bioweapons act that he drafted as well as Florida statute.

The information provided in these interviews lays out the sense of urgency to this issue. The Biden administration is working with the World Health organization to basically over throw the United States government. 

Essentially, the WHO treaty is written in a way that it will provisionally take effect in May. Naturally, another pandemic is likely planned before the United States Senate would vote down ratification of the treaty. This would mean that WHO could force lockdowns, vaccination, masks, etc.