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WHO's Pandemic Accord Will Give It Control Over U.S. Livestock and Food Supply

• By Klark Barnes

But nobody is talking about how the accord will give the WHO complete control over agriculture—wild and domesticated animals—and our food supply.

The WHO's incoming chief scientist said on Monday governments should invest in vaccines for all strains of influenza that exist in the animal kingdom in case there's an outbreak among humans.

Jeremy Farhar, who is leaving Wellcome to join the WHO later this year, said during a media briefing in terms of a potential pandemic event, H5N1 is a "big worry."

Farrar warned the H5N1 (avian) influenza viruses are being allowed to circulate among poultry, wild birds, and mammals—and is the perfect way to "create something nasty."

This should have your attention full stop because the WHO is gearing up to give itself the authority to declare pandemics and to control this country's pandemic response. As I reported in a post published earlier today, the WHO has published a draft of the pandemic accord the Biden administration fully intends to enter into.

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