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You Have To Be Trusted By The People That You Lie To: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

• by Caitlin J

"Okay sure they've been spending the last few years helping Saudi Arabia create mountains of child corpses in Yemen, but blowing up a pipeline? That would be a step too far!"

So much government nefariousness hides behind the completely unevidenced assumption "Oh, our leaders would never do anything THAT bad!" It's a belief that is based on literally nothing. It's believed because it is comfortable.

You only get one shot at preventing nuclear war. There will be no do-overs. There will be no course-correction. There will be no learning from mistakes that were made. This is it. Our one and only chance. We're living it.

Is it good enough? Are we using our one shot responsibly? 

If the mushroom clouds turn up, will anyone honestly be able to tell themselves that our leaders did everything they could to prevent this from happening, and that we the rank-and-file citizenry did everything we could to pressure them into navigating wisely around this threat?