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Israel & Rising Tensions over the Temple Mount

• by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty; Does Socrates show anything with regard to the status quo of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? I recently visited the site and I was shocked to hear that the temple plateau that once held two ancient is just a tad over 37 acres.  That is one of your key numbers in the Economic Confidence Model 8.615 x 4.307 =  37.1 which is a strange coincidence. But then taking 365 days × 24 hours = 3600 hours and that amounts to virtually Pi 31536000 seconds in a year.

Do you have anything on Israel long-term?

Thank you


ANSWER: What I can say from personal experience, is that I traveled all around Israel. I even climbed Masada as they did in ancient times rather than take to lift up. I climbed Masada which sits on the Dead Sea. I had hair then. By the time I reached the top, I had looked like Moses. The wind carries the salt off the seas and my hair was pure white but in an Afro wind-blown combination of Moses met Einstein. Probably the best movie of all time was the Mini-Series – Masada of 1981.

What I will say after touring all of Israel, I found that absolutely every site that was holy to the Jews and Christians except for Calvary seems to have been the same site that the Muslims also claimed was holy to them for different reasons. The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem marks at its foot the place of Jesus' arrest, in the Garden of Gethsemane. On the top of Mount of Olives, is where tradition places the Risen Christ ascended into heaven. Tradition says he left a footprint on the rock.

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