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High-Altitude Object Over Alaska Shot Down By F-22 Jet; CH-47 Helicopters Deployed In Recovery Op

•, by Tyler Durden

When questioned about the possibility of second Chinese balloon, Ryder said the US has yet to reach out to China over the latest object.

The White House has also said that ownership has not been established. Ryder additionally repeated that the aircraft had been seen as a hazard to civilian aviation, and that it was shot down by an F-22 jet with a sidewinder missile. According to more from the Pentagon press briefing: 

The Pentagon cannot say if the object shot down over Alaska was a balloon, it is sure that there were no people on board: Kirby
Pentagon says object shot down over Alaska "wasn't an aircraft per say"
U.S. Military used F-22 aircraft to take down object over Alaska on Friday, using a sidewinder missile: Pentagon
Ryder says U.S. Army CH-47 helicopters have launched to recover debris from the downed 'object' in NE Alaska in the frozen waters near the U.S.-Canadian border.

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