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Confessions of a Newly Minted Ham

• by Amy Allen

Although it's a pass/fail thing, I'm happy to see that my efforts studying weren't wasted. Soon I'll be able to practice with my new to me Yaesu FT60R. I do have a Baofeng UV5R purchased a number of years ago, but the Yaesu is easier to program, and since I bought it from a local ham, it came with the local repeater frequencies pre-programmed.

I did this because ham radio works in an emergency when the cell phone towers don't. The Cajun Navy used ham to coordinate rescue activities post-Katrina. They've moved on to social media since then but can always fall back to ham if necessary. They're credited with saving 10,000 lives post-Katrina. Bob Griswold used a ham radio to save a life during a bike race.The fact is that ham radio works where cell phones do not.