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Government Spending Is The Problem! Abolish The IRS & The Fed!

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Playing around with tax policy may work politically, but it will not solve the spending problem. Will America end the empire and bring the troops home? Will it curtail the massive welfare state for corporations & individuals? Will The Fed be shut down so that it can't print dollars and destroy their value? The spending problem will not be fixed if the answer to any of those questions is 'No.'

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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The only reason for the IRS tax is to show the FED how much they can loan to government. That's why Biden hired all those extra IRS agents, with guns. The IRS tax is the payment on the money the FED loaned to government. If we didn't have the FED, we wouldn't need the IRS tax, because government could simply print the money they needed, and wouldn't have to borrow it from anybody. Of course, more money would still mean inflation. But at least the people could see who was authorizing the printing of money, and (attempt to) vote him out. It would mean no more wars around the world, except if we really need one.