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Pulling Back The Curtain On The Ugly Cabal Of Global Luciferians...

•, By Kathleen Gotto

Stew Peters conducted a recent and very intriguing interview with Karen Kingston (only video at bottom of this story) about the Buffalo Bills Safety, Damar Hamlin, and his "miraculous" recovery from an apparent cardiac arrest on the football field during the January 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Stew sets up the interview with a chilling litany of the U.S. government's "empire of lies" from the JFK assassination to the COVID-19 bioweapon pushed on Americans. All the known lies that have been foisted upon the public are compelling and indicative of the lengths to which officials are willing to go to fool and deceive its citizenry. 

What Stew provided was just a short list of U.S. government deceptions and lies. The one good thing that has come out of C19 is the awakening that is taking place. Bit by bit, Americans are relinquishing their faith and trust in government leaders as the horror of the C19 vax deaths and injuries becomes too much to ignore. We have lost our innocence and naiveté in the face of corrupt and evil public-private enterprises impacting our health, jobs, and our very lives. 

After dishing on just some of the lies perpetrated on Americans by the federal government, Stew brings up the crux of his interview with Karen Kingston, and that is Ai computer generated imagery or CGI. 

The unReal paGAN technology creates avatars that are indistinguishable from the real person. Stew shows shots of the avatars of Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman to illustrate his point. The question is whether the recent video of a virile and healthy-looking Damar Hamlin (after suffering a heart attack on the field) is a deep fake avatar.