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Hunter Biden's Lawyers Put Fox News on Notice, Demand Retractions and an Apology...

•, by Michael Luciano

Lawyers for Hunter Biden are demanding Fox News issue corrections about some of its coverage of the president's son or risk a defamation lawsuit, according to the Washington Post.

The attorneys also fired off threatening letters to others, including Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani.

Biden has been the subject of unyielding coverage in conservative media after he reportedly left his now-infamous laptop in a Delaware repair store and failed to retrieve it in 2019.

A repairman, John Paul Mac Isaac, rummaged through the computer and made copies of the hard drive, which contains information about Biden's business dealings, as well as salacious photos and videos of Biden seemingly engaging in illegal activity. Mac Isaac sent a copy to Giuliani, who worked to make it public.

The Post reported:

Abbe Lowell, a recently hired lawyer whom Biden enlisted about a month ago, sent lengthy letters to the Justice Department and Delaware's attorney general requesting investigations into several key players who were involved in disseminating data from a laptop that Biden is said to have dropped off at a repair shop in Wilmington, Del.

Bryan M. Sullivan, another lawyer now representing Biden, sent a separate communication to [Tucker] Carlson and Fox News demanding that they correct falsehoods from his recent show or risk a possible defamation lawsuit.