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'Historic day': Millions protest pension reform in France

• By AFP

Industrial action impacted transport links and electricity production, with more than 2.5 million marching across the country, according to unions. 

The Interior Ministry put the number of protesters against the law -- a flagship reform of President Emmanuel Macron -- at 1.27 million, still higher than the historic record set during past protests against pension reforms in 2010. 

France's government has so far remained resolute and insisted the changes will go ahead. But Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said at the end of Tuesday the reform "raises questions and doubts".

"We hear them," she wrote in a tweet, following the protests involving 11,000 police officers. 

A wave of strikes

Strikes gripped the country throughout the day, bringing severe disruption to energy and transport sectors.

TotalEnegies says between 75% and 100% of workers at its refineries and fuel depots walked out, while electricity supplier EDF said they're monitoring a drop in power to the national grid equivalent to three nuclear power plants. 

"Following the call for a strike, shipments of products from TotalEnergies sites are interrupted today but TotalEnergies will continue to ensure supplies to its service station network and its customers," the group's management said.

In EDF power stations, strikers reduced loads by "nearly 3,000 MW" on Monday night, but without causing any cuts, the company said.