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6 Frugal Ways to PREVENT Pest Problems

•, Aden Tate

This got me thinking about all the ways that one could go about helping to make their home as pest-free as possible. Prevention is definitely the key here. Not only could these simple steps end up saving you money on an exterminating fee, but they also would keep you from sharing your living space with unwanted guests.

Here are a few of the frugal/health-friendly ways I think you could better pest-proof your house…

Take your garbage out regularly and store it away from your home.

Don't store all your trash right beside your house if you can help it. Trash is full of food and all kinds of critters like rotting food. If you store your trash right beside your house, you're simply inviting bugs and rodents to come on down to the buggy version of Golden Corral – right beside your house.