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Weapons Government Traitors Use: Big Lies, False Flags, and Projection

•, By Andrew Wallace

I refuse to watch arrogant media or government representatives who lie to my face! I don't believe or trust ANYTHING from the Communist media or government! I refuse to accept them as a source for any information, because it is mostly lies!

The Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) control the 'woke' corporations that in turn control our Communist government and most everything else.

It is estimated that about half of our population is brainwashed and under control of the PSRRC, 'woke' corporations and government. These are Lenin's "Useful Idiots" who are ignorant (regardless of education) and will only learn the truth when they are starving. They believe the fairy tale of Communism which has always failed and expect to be supported for life without working!

Our rulers are students of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, his Minister of Information, where they learned the art of the "Big Lie", "False Flags" and "Projection". Projection is the technique of accusing others of doing what you are in fact doing. This is a primary tool of the Democrat party.

If you tell a really big and outrageous lie, and repeat it often enough, people will believe it.

Most Big Lies are also "False Flags" because they are designed to blame others for the incident and justify a war or other punitive action.

Hitler  burned the Reichstag Building as a False Flag so he could blame the Communists. Then he covertly attacked his own people  (False Flag) and blamed it on Poland, which "justified" his invasion of Poland. This is just one example of a False Flag used to justify a war.