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Here's What They're Planning Now: The 2023 World Economic Forum

•, Marie Hawthorne

Five years ago, most of us were happy to ignore this elite confab, but since then, we've found that this exclusive club wields a lot of power. Looking at what they have planned is, unfortunately, a good way to assess what a lot of us will be dealing with in terms of laws and government agendas.

Large amounts of material have been posted to their website in the past few days. There are lots of new articles as well as interviews. Wading through, you see project updates on areas they've already been working on for some time.

Climate change, vaccines, and digitalization

As expected, the WEF plans to double down on climate change, calling it "the greatest challenge of our time."  They don't plan to back off from getting rid of fossil fuels, despite the fact that our electrical grids are not remotely prepared for this sort of energy transition.