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Andrew Tate claims woman he's accused of raping only reported him to Romanian cops...


Andrew Tate claimed a woman accusing him of rape followed him to Romania and made up the allegation when he refused to buy her sister a €200,000 house, it emerged today.

He also told judges in Bucharest that 'it's time for this circus to end' as he argued that prosecutors had only considered 'small snippets' of information relevant to the case.

The British-American former kickboxer, 36, has maintained his innocence since he was arrested with his brother, Tristan, 34, over allegations of rape, human trafficking and setting up an organised crime group on December 29 2022.

He said the rape allegation against him lacked 'concrete evidence' at the Court of Appeal in the Romanian capital earlier this month. 

His brother Tristan was seen this morning protesting his innocence to journalists outside the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) in Romania, where they have been moved for questioning.

Earlier this month, the Bucharest Court of Appeal heard Andrew Tate's defence against allegations that he raped a woman staying with him in the eastern European country between November 2021 and April 2022. 

Romanian news outlet Gandul reports that the woman asked to move to Romania with him and filed a rape allegation nearly six months later when he refused to give her money to buy a house and become a TikTok star.