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Fact Check-Fake headline from The Conversation asks why unvaccinated didn't 'warn' the v

• Reuters

A screenshot purporting to show a future headline for an article published by The Conversation asks why the "unvaccinated did not do more to warn" people who were inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine, but it is fabricated.

The Conversation is a website that publishes articles written by academics and edited by journalists. The publication's logo is visible at the top left corner of the fake screenshot, with a headline that reads: "THEY KNEW: Why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us?"

The circulated screenshot is dated June 6, 2023, five months in the future at the time of this writing.

In the image, a cover graphic features cartoon figures, with two in medical attire holding vaccines while the other two figures can be seen holding hands toward the medical personnel in a gesture of rejection.