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Australia Sees Heart Attacks Increase By 17% In 2022 - "Experts" Blame Pandemic

• by Tyler Durden

Explanations for the trend blame everything from video games to climate change.  Of course, these scapegoats do not explain the statistical leap in heart failure in the past two years.  The most common narrative is that the covid virus is the cause - The problem with this theory is that there is zero evidence to support the claim that covid causes potential heart ailments.  In fact, studies show that there is no such thing as "covid heart", a false concept spread by the mainstream media at the onset of the pandemic.

Are the "experts" baffled?  Or, are they trying to avoid the obvious culprit.

Australia is reporting a 17% increase in heart attacks in the first eight months of 2022 alone, and establishment paid researchers seem to be deliberately avoiding any mention of the covid mRNA vaccines.  Instead, they are continuing to blame covid infection along with numerous peripheral and indirect triggers associated with the lockdowns.