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Dangers of the COVID-19 "Vaccines" and How to Heal from Jab Injuries

• Dr. Benjamin Benulis - Rumble


In this 2hr+ Presentation, Dr. Henry Ealy discusses the pathophysiology of the COVID-19 "Vaccines", the toxicity of the spike glycoprotein, the risk of reverse transcription with the mRNA injections and how to heal from them.

In this talk Dr. Ealy discusses:

-How the COVID "Spike" glycoprotein that the mRNA shots cause the body to make is actually toxic

-How it causes disease in the human body

-How to clear it out of the body

-How the mRNA can reverse-transcribe into DNA, creating GMO humans

-How to actually heal DNA damage if your cells have been reverse-transcribed

This video is over 2 hours.  I highly suggest bookmarking it and watching it when you can!