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Avatar Movie Valkyrie Antimatter Rocket Design is a Real Design

•, by Brian Wang

The first Avatar movie made almost $3 billion in box office. The second movie should be able to reach $2.5 billion and could go higher as the first movie had exceptional late release earnings. James Cameron's biggest hits just keep rolling with repeat viewings of Titanic and Avatar.

A startup did try to generate antimatter to catalyze fusion reactions. However, Positron Dynamics failed. Positron Dynamics was trying to use Krypton isotopes to generate positrons. They wanted to breed more Krypton isotopes. They sidestep the issue of antimatter storage, which is one of the biggest problems. We can make tiny amounts antimatter but cannot store what we make. It would take 10 school buses of volume at the Brillouin limit to trap 1 microgram. They were slowing the positrons that are generated. Krypton 79 isotope generates hot positrons. They were using their system to moderate the positrons so they can be used.

The Valkyrie Antimatter rocket design was designed to be a far lighter structure for the antimatter rocket than prior designs. The interstellar spaceship that is used in the Avatar movie story is based upon the Valkerie Antimatter Starship designed by Charles Pellegrino and Brookhaven physicist Jim Powell