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New AI-Powered Farming Robot Trundles About Inspecting 50 Acres of Crops per Day for Pests...

• by Andy Corbley

Trundling through fields a little like a tumbleweed, the SentiV scouting robot is currently just a prototype, but its designers hope that the high unit cost can be offset with savings on pesticides and fertilizer, as the SentiV can determine exactly which plants need what.

Planting is a seriously stressful time for farmers, as all the input costs stack up while profit lies far away in the distant months. Furthermore, many things can go wrong between planting and harvest time, whether that's a sudden outbreak of disease, pests moving into the area, or a proliferation of weeds.

Manually inspecting crops can take hours while airborne drones can't see under the leaves.

That's why a 33-pound robot that moves about on spokes rather than wheels or treads which crush plants could be ideal for farmers looking to reduce labor costs and hours.

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