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Warning to parents over making babies VEGAN:


NHS Start for Life now includes information about vegan and vegetarian babies 

The website recommends infants on a vegan diet may need B12 supplements 

It also advises parents to not give their baby plant-based milk until they are one

But Francine Jordan says she's done her research and will raise her baby vegan

Vegan babies could be at risk of serious health problems, dietitians have warned, after the NHS published advice on the diet in infants.

The NHS Start for Life website, which provides guidance for new parents, now includes a section about vegan and vegetarian babies.

It recommends that infants on a vegan diet may need vitamin B12 supplements and advises that parents can give their baby plant-based drinks like soya, oat and almond milk, after the age of one, if the drinks are unsweetened and fortified with calcium.