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Why Has Covid Spared Africa?

•, By Dr. Joseph Mercola

As of December 12, 2022, the WHO was still calling on all countries to get the COVID jab into at least 70% of their populations.1 Its original deadline for meeting this 70% threshold was mid-2022, but by June 2022, only 58 of 194 member states had reached this target.2

According to the WHO, jab supplies, technical support and financial support were lacking during the early days of the injection campaign but, now, those obstacles have been resolved. As a result, all countries now have the ability to meet the global target of 70%.

Low Jab Rates Threaten Low-Income Countries, WHO Claims

The "overarching challenge" right now is the administration of the shots, actually "getting shots into arms."3 To address that, the WHO suggests integrating COVID-19 injection services "with other immunization services and alongside other health and social interventions." This, they say, will maximize impact and "build long-term capacity."

The WHO also stresses that "As people's risk perception of the virus wanes, careful risk communication and community engagement plans need to be adapted to enhance demand for vaccination." To ensure low-income countries get onboard to meet the 70% target, the WHO also launched The COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Partnership in January 2022.

This is an international effort "to intensify country readiness and delivery support" in 34 countries with low COVID jab uptake. Partners include UNICEF, Gavi and the World Bank. According to the WHO:4

"Despite incremental success since its launch in January 2022, low and lower-middle income countries are facing difficulties to get a step change in vaccination rates.

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That's placebo effect for you. Good placebo effect happens a lot of the time when people get well because of positively induced thinking. But bad placebo effect happens when people believer their doctor when he tells them that they are sick, even when they don't have any systems. Innocent government leaders believe the WHO who tells them that their people are sick, even when there aren't any (many) symptoms among the people. Of course, the payoff helps them believe. --- I went to the eye doctor for a prescription upgrade, because I could tell I needed it. But I stay away from doctors. I have enough people telling me negative things in my life without them.