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The Emergence of the New World Order (NWO)

•, By Sidney Secular

The bulk of all the money and property in the world is passing into the hands of a small band of super rich billionaires and trillionaires and Mega Corporations that now mastermind the fate of the people. All the major institutions of society constitute one interlocking cabal that dictates to the rest of the people of the world, the result of which is that nearly all of "We the Sheeple" are locked out of any significant decision making, and are now being told what we can (and cannot) say and do and even what we are permitted to think. We have also been assured that soon the rest of mankind will own nothing and love it because it is for the "greater good!" And, sadly, those people who are good, compliant socialists, find that claim sufficient to accept their "safety" – a/k/a slavery. Of course, this means everyone will have the same net worth or income from the otherwise worthless ghetto ghoul to hard working, decent fireman and even Nobel prize winners. It is a form of extreme communism about which Marx could only dream. The better term for it would be "common-ism" or "equity-ism" in which all distinctions disappear and everyone shares a common fate consisting of misery under poverty and the loss of basic human freedom. Parenthetically, this fate never applies to our elite rulers. No matter how poverty stricken and wretched the society, the rulers and their minions are always well provided for.

But we also have today impressive sounding articles from so-called "think tanks" analyzing the situation and proposing that we all rise up together and disobey our new masters. However, the Covid lockdowns and restrictions and the increasing restrictions on freedom of speech have turned most of "the masses" into mindless stooges incapable of independent thought and action and easily prompted into Pavlovian displays of the proper responses to the demands of our rulers. Such a situation only worsens the conditions that brought about the problems in the first place! Of course, there are patriotic groups here and there along with patriot-oriented print and digital publications, but there is no coordinated response or resistance amongst them, just chest beating and bleating over the now defunct Constitution about which no one in authority has been concerned for literally decades!

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