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Fight To Save America, Part 2

•, By Roger Anghis

Democrats are pushing us towards the one world government ignoring the fact that our Constitution does not allow for foreign powers to govern us. But then Democrats usually ignore the Constitution anyway.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda Minister, said that you can tell a lie over and over and it didn't matter if what you were saying lined up with what the people could see and the people would begin to believe it. That is what the global elites are doing with climate change. It isn't happening. They have had around sixty catastrophes predicted over the last fifty years that have never happened or even come close. Their record is 60-0.  Remember Al Gore saying the poles would completely melt by 2014? We had record ice on both poles in 2014. God does have a since of humor.

Under the guise of "going green" the WEF is pushing to eliminate private vehicle ownership altogether, claiming this is an effective way to reduce global reliance on critical metals.

Winnie Yeh, who is described as WEF's "lead" for "responsible sourcing," argues that car ownership is not "resource efficient" demanding more vehicle sharing as an alternative.

Yeh has pointed to "car sharing" apps such as Getaround and BlueSG which allow people to rent vehicles on an hourly basis.

All of this, she said, is "part of broader transition from ownership to usership."

This attempt by the WEF to restrict your free will is not only un-American to its core, but it would also have a catastrophic impact on the American economy given that the U.S. lacks the sort of mass transit system that would be required for commuting to and from work – though perhaps destroying the American economy is part of the WEF's sinister plans.

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