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The WEF's War on Rurality

•, By eric

It is less a "forum" – which implies people bandying about ideas – than it is a steering committee of would-be world controllers, led by Schwab – a protege of the Canadian communist Maurice Strong and also of Henry Kissinger, the realpolitik brutalist for whom power is (his words) the "ultimate aphrodisiac."

The WEF uses money to buy power by purchasing politicians – these are styled "young leaders" – and thereby steer the direction of politics in nations along the course intended, which – they hope – will lead ultimately to a world government managed by a handful of people (them) over which we have about as much control as the resident of a Section 8 tenement has over conditions in his government-provided hovel.

You will own nothing – and be happy.

You will also not live in the country.

Because that entails driving – entails owning – a car, which is not only "immoral" but also "unsustainable," according to the WEF. By which is meant that private car ownership – and rural living – are impediments to the "collective strategy" of the WEF.

You can "walk or share" (a ride) instead.

This of course not being possible outside of or very nearby to urban areas.

Presto, a way to make living outside of them very difficult, if not all-but-impossible.