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15,000 Active-Duty Troops from Poland on the front lines in Ukraine!


This information comes from intel sources just back from the actual front lines inside Ukraine, and these sources are unimpeachable intel sources.

Many have known for months that NATO countries have been sending "advisors" into Ukraine, to "teach" Ukrainian troops how to use advanced weapons being supplied by NATO countries.  But all along, NATO emphasized "we are not a party to the conflict."  That is a lie.

NATO troops from Poland, and from the United States and United Kingdom are, in fact, participating in the war and this covert military participation is going to get a lot of us in America, and in Europe, killed, when the Russian declare us to be participants, and begin launching attacks against us, to stop what we're doing to them.

From the United States, the military has been routinely creating false identities for Active-Duty U.S. troops, and sending them into Ukraine.  The false identities are coordinated with Ukraine so that if the troops are caught, or killed, there is no traceable tie to the USA.

It is not known if the UK is also doing this.   But tonight, Thursday, December 29, 2022, around 8:00 PM eastern US Time, intel sources revealed to me personally that 15,000+ Polish troops are in Ukraine, on the payroll of the Poland Army, waging war against Russia.