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WHO Director walks back his statement that some countries are using COVID-19 vaccine...

•, by: Lance D Johnson

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian microbiologist and director of the World Health Organization, (WHO) was recently captured on video saying that some countries are using COVID-19 boosters "to kill children." This is the most honest thing that has ever come out of Tedros's mouth. World leaders repeatedly refuse to acknowledge the data on hospitalizations and sudden cardiac deaths in the fully vaccinated and boosted.

Sadly, the WHO walked back Tedro's statements, and fact checkers now claim that his statement was a "slip of the tongue."

Fact checkers walk back WHO's statements on boosters killing children

The Nov. 15 Instagram post includes a video of Tedros speaking to the press. In the video he says, "So if it's going to be used, [the covid-19 vaccine] it's better to focus on those groups who have risk of severe diseases and death rather than, as we see in some countries, are using to give boosters to kill children."

When USA Today reporters followed up with Tedros, a spokesperson for the WHO claimed that Tedros misspoke during the press conference. A Reuters fact checker set the record straight: "A video showing the head of World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, speaking about prioritizing vaccination efforts for poorer countries and more vulnerable populations over giving booster shots to children has been misconstrued online."

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