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John Thore Stub Sneisen on LinkedIn: World Food Inflation

• John Thore Stub Sneisen - Linkedin

I put together data on food inflation from over 170+ countries, and let's think of the consequences this has for poorer countries where people's food budgets are much higher than in western nations. In my opinion, were heading very fast into the "Arab Spring" of 2022, but this one will be called the Global Spring! What do you think about food inflation? No one seems to feel this is important, while to me, food is the number one asset we need, or we'll all be dead. Are my worries unheard of, and we should not worry or will this be the big starvation event UN and WEF are warning about just that elite politicians engineered this inflation because of their lockdown and UBI-type money drops? #money #economic #inflation #food #foodinflation #centralbanking #government

World Food Inflation