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Phoenix, America's inflation capital, seeing record lines at food banks...

•, by: Ethan Huff

The worst place in the country to live right now in terms of inflation is Phoenix, where reports indicate a record number of struggling locals are lining up at food banks just to eat.

The latest figures show that Phoenix is still the hardest-hit city with a 12.1 percent inflation rate. As a result, St. Mary's Food Bank, as one example, is seeing a daily lineup of hundreds of cars in three lanes around its local warehouse. In an average week, some 1,000 cars pass through the facility for food.

"Every time we thought we hit a peak, it continued to grow and here we are, in December," said Ken Pertis, president of what is the world's first food bank. "Across our whole network, we've seen a 26 percent increase in the number of people coming to us right, year over year."

Right now, Phoenix residents are having to shell out about 21.1 percent more for food and other goods compared to what they were paying at the end of 2020. This averages out to about $912 in additional spending per month for area residents.

One local named Desirea Lopez, 36, started getting food support at St. Mary's after her family's home rent increased another $25 to $1,450 per month. Turning down the lights and energy usage coupled with relying on St. Mary's for a little extra help is keeping Lopez's family fed.

"It's very important coming here because sometimes if I don't get the chance to come, then we start missing out on the meal," she said. "I won't eat. She'll eat first."