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Being Deceived More Each Day But Now It's Time to Grow and Wakeup

•, By Glynn Adams

Since Satan is a liar, we must resist him through the truth of God's Word (Ephesians 6:17). It was this sword that our Lord used when He defeated Satan in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1) at the beginning of His ministry!!!

God gives life through His truth; Satan slays with his lies. But the Body of Christ in America is focused in these last days on the return of Jesus more than the truth of God God created man in His image and likeness but today too many pastors and church members who claim to be in the Body of Christ are serving the creature more than the Creator. Today, man is making God in his own image and ignoring His Word!!.

Today in America, evil is so prevalent in our nation and openly manifesting itself and millions of our children and citizens are being deceived and destroyed. Most of our pastors are not preaching the Kingdom of God and preparing the Body of Christ for the war that is raging in this nation. We are not in obedience to the LORD Jesus Christ nor are we seeking the truth of God. We are being deceived more and more each day and believing the lies of Satan rather than the truth of God. Our pastors are building their religious temples of man and the ways of man rather than the truth of God.

If you know you are saved by His grace, you should love and obey the truth and abandon these religious systems or you will receive the curse and your family will become like your teacher. If your pastor is making you feel comfortable rather than challenging and equipping you for war to resist evil in these last days but lulling you to sleep, you had better, for the sake of your family, get out of that religious system.

There can be no neutral ground; either we believe the truth or we believe a lie. To ignore or reject the truth means to receive the lie. Today, many pastors and church members are treading on dangerous ground. They are refusing to hear the voice of God to love the truth and obey the truth but instead they are ignoring the Spirit of God to come into obedience to Him and His Word.