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Southwest Airlines MAYHEM: Tens of thousands of people are stranded, their bags LOST...


Tens of thousands of passengers have been plunged into total chaos after beleaguered Southwest Airlines canceled swathes of flights across the country.

Desperate passengers were forced to sleep in terminals surrounded by growing mounds of lost luggage after being stranded at airports when the airline canceled over 80 percent of its flight schedule - causing President Biden to weigh in.

Southwest barred passengers from rebooking blundered flights after announcing they are only operating 1,500 trips a day until Friday, leaving many separated from loved ones during the festive season.

Distressed travelers - some of whom will not be able to return home for nearly a week - bemoaned the frantic scenes in airport terminals as Biden's Administration vowed to 'ensure airlines are held accountable' for the disarray caused by Southwest. 

The airline has already canceled more than 2,500 flights today leaving tens of thousands of people in the lurch as the new year approaches.

And the faltering airline stalled allowing passengers to rebook flights, and one disgruntled traveler told they are only allowed to receive 'credit' for their canceled trip.