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Buffalo is plunged into chaos with brazen looters destroying stores...


Buffalo has been plunged into chaos as brazen looters wreak havoc on storefronts amid a historic blizzard that dumped six feet of snow on the northern New York city.

It has become the deadliest storm to hit the western part of the state in 50 years, with at least 35 people reported dead, as scores of others remain trapped in their houses and cars.

Roads in the city remain impassable under several feet of heavy snow, and first responders are still struggling to reach those who are cut off, days after the storm hit.

Shelters and nursing homes are starting to run out of food, Erie County Executive Marc Poloncarz said at a news conference Monday morning, while fewer than 10,000 people remain without power ahead of a second storm that is expected to dump another foot and a half of snow on the already struggling city.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has now declared a state of emergency, and is asking for federal aid as residents become increasingly desperate.

Videos posted online show brazen thieves taking advantage of the chaos, trudging over mounds of snow to get into abandoned storefronts — like a Dollar General, where shelves were overturned and items were scattered across the ground.

Residents filmed some of the thieves as they entered the store and left with handfuls of items like paper towels and toilet paper, as one shameless woman even posted a Facebook Live of her and her friends grabbing items from the store.