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Putin prepares new hypersonic 20,000 mph Avangard 'meteorite' missile...


Russia today revealed chilling new footage of its 'meteorite' hypersonic missile Avangard being readied for combat in yet another nuclear threat to the West.

Footage shows the weapon - which is delivered to targets at 27 times the speed of sound - being installed in an underground launch silo in the Orenburg region, southwest Russia, near the Kazakhstan border.

The missile with a hypersonic glide vehicle is fired outside the earth's atmosphere before striking any target in the world in less than 30 minutes, claims Moscow.

Like other Russian hypersonic missile systems, Vladimir Putin claims the West has no means to stop it.

Today's emplacement of the 20,000mph (32,187kmh) Avangard beast follows three consecutive days in which Putin has showcased the deployment of new Yars nuclear missiles in Kaluga and Tver regions.

The Kremlin revealed Putin had spent all of Friday with his military commanders in discussions over the war in Ukraine.

The day saw the unleashing of dozens of missiles on Ukraine - many of which were successfully shot down by Kyiv's air defences.

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