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Pathologist and Diagnostic Lab Owner Addresses Common Theories on COVID "Vaccine" Ingredie

•, by Brian Shilhavy

And even those who have endeavored to examine them, how do we know if the vials were stored properly or contaminated before being examined?

But the biggest reason is that it really doesn't matter that much what is actually in them, what matters is how they are infecting people, and we have more than enough evidence that nobody should be injecting these bioweapons into their bodies.

So many theories and reports have been published about what is actually in these vials, and many publishers now accept these theories as fact, such as "self-replicating graphene oxide nanobots that are sending out blue tooth signals."

Now this may or may not be true, I honestly don't know, and I have never found enough convincing evidence to publish an article on this topic one way or another.

But I do think it is important to give exposure to Dr. Ryan Cole's perspective on this, because he is a pathologist who is also the owner of a diagnostics laboratory. So he at least brings some credibility to this subject, since he earns his living from laboratory analyses.

One thing I have published since the beginning, when the Pfizer and Moderna shots were given emergency use authorizations by the UK and the United States, is that pre-authorization data, specifically what was supplied originally to the EMA, showed that many of the shots did not have mRNA strands in tact, up to 55%, which means the shots would not work the way they were designed to work.